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Benito's Treasure Hunt(Benitos Busqueda de Tesoros)We Have Partnered With the Best! See Below these Wonderful Book Providers and Donate to this Great Cause of Protecting Sea Turtles as, Sea Turtle Restoration!email the Author to Place your Ad Here!

Benito's Treasure Hunt(Benitos Busqueda de Tesoros)

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1. Benito's Treasure Hunt, 2000, 32pg, Subject: Kids, Retail $10 for 2 or ebook, ISBN 0-533-13567-2I

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Author P.Marquez-Garcia, has written the first bilingual kids novel; Benito's Treasure Hunt(Benitos Busqueda de Tesoros). Mixing and matching English and Spanish phrases in the intent to give American kids a Latin boys dream of finding a treasure in Las Croabas(Seven Seas). In reality its about the imagination, adventure, and fullfillment!!Have you been to Las Croabas, please let us know about the new Showers, Parking and unlimited beach ammenities! *Great for story-telling, Kids Gift, Environmental Conscientious(Sea Turtles)

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OTHER NOVELS BY P.Marquez-Garcia

2. Guided Instrument, 2003, 101pg, Subject: Political Fiction, Retail $10 ISBN-13: 9781403374554

3. Flight To The Mountain Top/Cruise’In, 2002, 32pg, Subject: Adventure, Retail $10 ISBN-13: 9780759685260
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